We are hard at work and will have more data about AI as we continue to provide them over here. In the meantime, consider a stake and connect with #straitcode as we build an organization that will look after, and be able to focus on, the benefits, and the most practical path, that AI can make for our lives and businesses.

We need to know what's happening. We must be able to convey what's acceptable for everyone. These are our own kind that trusts technology by default, and doesn't have the capacity to alter what's not required. Or at the very least, protect themselves even to the obvious technical threats.

This is not just the information technology, big data, expanding industrial and economic automation, social media including but not limited to next-generations of technologies that we all are aware of anymore. It is artificial intelligence and we don't know much how impactful will it be for all of humans, that's us.

We need to understand that letting go of AI innovation, research and development wandering, without oversight and, hope that good will come by their freewheeling and unconscious creation is NOT A CHOICE.

It's high-time for governments to come together, in this sphere, and regulate with righteousness. Don't bungle the commodity in the sonority of technology leaders'--or shall we say smart cookie, and who very well know what AI is now and can do in the future--high-powered call for regulation.

All parties including governments, AI/tech companies and everyone must be proactive and looking out for each other. The chance to agree what to do:
> Before anything can be made available for public use; or
> To an attempt to run any aspect of business enterprise; could be a success.

These would likely result to a centered development to capitalize safety and irrefutable design for the well-being of the whole society. Still, even with these good intentions, the stakeholders and the people must maintain an open-eyed character to guard against reprehensible motives.