How are we doing to position ourselves, and the necessary know-how to do better, now with hyper-converged and compounded "technologies", and the future with AI? 

We can use the following sources, for education, proof of concept, simulation and it’s not ending here. They let us know more about current AI use cases, capabilities and usefulness to the needs of businesses and relevant high-value activities. 

Global trends 
Artificial general intelligence 
Machine learning (incl class) 
Computer vision 
Dr. Adrian Rosebrock’s pysearchimage, covers CV, DL and OpenCV 
Deep learning 
MIT deep learning series in its website (also include AGI, self-driving and more) and Github, Mathworks DL toolbox 
Neural networks 
AI hub (covers lots of ML, DL) 

Ads, disclosure

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COVID19 Alert, PH

The Government of the Philippines' authoritative medium where it communicates up to date information about COVID19 national situation is being shared here. There are three including: PH's COVID19 Official Website (newest and friendliest for mobile devices), Viber (most active, just copy the link to your Viber to join) and DoH COVID19 page (need a lil stitch to growing number of disparate COVID-related websites, and make sure to read laboratory status and latest updates). The tracker, better viewed in desktop-based browsers, shows alert level, confirmed cases including but not limited to by cases with health facilities and residences.

COVID international live sources - Johns Hopkins University, Worldometers.info and Virusncov.com.

Shun the fakes and some insensitive media and personal posting that deliberately crack up even the apparently responsible dissemination of information by concerned individuals and institutions. Let's all be thoughtful or try our best to be circumspect as we help disseminate useful and factual information.